We know Print

Our leadership team brings decades of experience in the print industry to our products. We understand the problems our customers face and we know how to help.

Industry Leading Tech

Our technology solves real problems that every enterprise faces. We use provable models to improve efficiency and usability.

Cost Reduction

We reduce your printing costs directy by measuring and optimizing consumption and by providing integrated print alternatives.

Reduce Consumption

What if your employees knew that the document they just printed consumed a tree and cost the business $8.50?

We help your users make better decisions by giving them actionable feedback.

measures everything you print

giving you actionable information to help your users optimize their printer usage.

Simple Installation

Printelligence installs quickly and easily on your existing print server and begins capturing metadata and metrics instantly.

Extensive Metrics

We collect over 20 datapoints on every document printed, including user, application, destination device, and coverage.

Try it out

Get started with a free 45-day baseline. You'll immediately see the improvements Printelligence offers.


200% ROI Guaranteed

We don't bill until Printelligence has demonstrated 200% ROI. We can make that guarantee because Printelligence has proven itself for customers of all sizes across industries

Custom Rules

Printelligence has a built in rule engine that you can tune to your environment. Rules can be simple as "tell each user the cost of their print" or complex like "recommend printing documents over 20 pages to a high-volume printer, vs. a desktop inkjet"

Gartner Group
Best Software Award

Printelligence won the Best Software Solution award at the Gartner Print & Imaging Summit held in Tucson, Arizona in 2008.

Secure Print Mobile

simplifies print fleet manageability while improving your user experience.

Printing, reimagined.

Traditionally users print their documents by choosing a printer. This works well when there are only a couple printers and they're nearby - but it's much more complicated in today's enterprise with hundreds of printers on the network.

Secure Print Mobile allows your users to have a single virtual printer installed on their desktop. After printing they can walk up to any printer in the enterprise and receive their print.

There are no drivers to manage and no printer names or IP addresses to remember. Security is improved because the job does not print until the user is physically present to pick it up.

Secure Print Mobile also comes with a suite of mobile and web applications that allow you to keep your printed documents online so that you can organize, share, and use them without ever consuming paper.


Our Team

Our leadership team brings decades of experience in the print industry to our products.
We understand the problems our customers face and we know how to help.

Mark Kehoe


Mark founded Preo Analytics after 24 years of executive-level experience in the print industry.

In 1999 he was a founding partner and head of sales in GFI Digital a startup copier dealer that sold and serviced Sharp and Ricoh products.

Before GFI, Mark was Vice President of Sales for Ikon Office Solutions in Chicago with over 140 sales professionals reporting to him, growing revenue from $102M to $165M.

Josh Timmons

Chief Technology Officer

Josh Timmons has over 25 years of experience developing and operationalizing commercial software with broad platform expertise.

He has a proven track record developing business and consumer-facing software for industries including healthcare, insurance, and print technology.


What our partners say

"No other software provides a complete 360-degree view of our customers printing environment and can provide a total cost of ownership by fleet of devices or by individual device."
Bill Adams
NSC Diversified
"Best Product on the market. It has all the security built in that clients are looking for as well as the mobile print and Apps. "
Wade Timmerman
AAA Business Machines

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