Print Policy Rules Deployment


Preo Analytics Printelligence™, is a comprehensive cloud-based managed print output assessment tool.  The solution includes user analytics, print security, print expense control and business process workflow optimization reporting.

Printelligence™ consolidates all critical user business intelligence data into a single source, detailed analysis and reporting platform for effectively monitoring and managing all user outcomes related to document, print and device management, including network end points.

Printelligence™   utilizes advanced spooler level business intelligence data collection technology to provide:

  • Detailed print output assessment
  • User analytics and print policy rules deployment 
  • Print security by application and specific file 
  • Mobile user print security 
  • Document security bar coding 
  • Accurate local device assessment
  • Page coverage and meter billing analysis
  • Print expense control specific to the document type printed and device printed to 
  • Software application usage analysis and access control 
  • Network endpoint print server and workstation usage details and reporting 

The cloud based Printelligence™ software requires minimal IT personnel time and resources and is deployed in minutes without additional hardware, changes in the print environment or complicated and time consuming implementation process preparation and support.  The client application software is deployed seamlessly on network environment print servers and/or workstations utilizing Windows MSI resources. Data collection begins immediately upon completion of software download. 

Printelligence™ is utilized and distributed by Managed Print Providers (MPS), Managed Service Providers (MSP), document management providers and print expense consulting firms.

Printelligence™ provides the assessment tools, detailed data, reporting and analysis for MPS, MSP and consulting solution sales professionals to effectively:

  • Generate new business opportunities from competitive placements and current customers
  • Earn “trusted advisor” respect from their customers – Data is power for professional services!!
  • Prepare world class proposals by matching resources to analysis-based user needs
  • Retain customers with meaningful and focused monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and annual data driven performance reviews to provide results producing needs-based recommendations 
  • Increase market share, “deal” gross profit and recurring revenue opportunities 
  • Optimize device placement and profitability by utilizing the most efficient devices for the client’s need 

Printelligencefeatures include:

  • Extensive user and print device analytics
  • Easy management of user print policy rules deployment to control printing expense
  • Automated daily, weekly and monthly user email reporting on policy objectives achievement
  • Detailed Print Security Reporting – Who, What, When, Where, How and Why
  • Simple, cost effective deployment 
  • Document barcoding for chain of custody control and security ID
  • Mobile print user security and reporting
  • Percentage page coverage and meter billing analysis
  • Accurate local device assessment – Printelligence collects data at the spooler level
  • MPS, CCP, DaaS and SBB contract program device profit optimization and placement based on user print behavior and needs analysis
  • Extensive reporting for print expense control analysis and organizational awareness
  • Application software utilization analysis by user or department
  • Network End Point infrastructure reporting for IT support and network environment analysis
  • Business document workflow optimization analysis – How well are current software application programs and business processes working for an organization
  • Document Management/ ECM workflow effectiveness analysis based on user print activity
  • MSP opportunity to add to offerings stack for new MRR revenue opportunities and increased margin
  • Combined assessment reports for user, device, output file and software application analysis 
  • 500+ reporting options to analyze data and outcomes and deliver outcome solutions
  • Data to effectively compile true needs-based print device proposals
  • Remote software deployment, management, assessment, reporting and support
  • Device and manufacturer agnostic software solution
  • Easy 4 step MSI software deployment process for print servers and/or workstations – no hardware to install


Overview: Provides summary dashboards for quick data assessment to identify performance trends, exceptions and areas for improvement and further analysis.

Reports: Provides selection from over 500 reporting options for detailed analysis to measure, monitor, and manage print environment improvement and outcomes. Printelligence reporting tools also allow for reports to be scheduled and emailed on a Weekly, Monthly or Quarterly basis.


Devices: Provides detailed user dashboards and detailed drill down analysis to clearly understand the Who, What, When, Where and Why of user printing and behavior.

Computers: Provides dashboard and detailed information for managing the computer environment: includes version software, available disk space and user information.

Print Servers: Provides dashboards to manage print server activity and details including jobs, user print activity, total page by b/w and color and server software version.


User Notifications: Provides a complete system for configuring and implementing policy-based print rules and user alerts by specific users and/or user groups to advise, educate and control user print behavior for expense control and security.

Page Pricing: Provides the ability to input print page cost for the specific print device including lease, per page, ink and toner, paper, service and other operating expenses to communicate the cost of print to users and management.

System Configuration: Provides the ability to configure the system to specific user requirements, set up default parameters and options, set exceptions and exclusions and configure SNMP.

Uploads: Provides the tools to easily upload structured date to further expand the scope of data points for comparative analysis and assessment.



Policy Based Printing for Workflow Optimization and Expense Control

Printelligence™ is pre-loaded with focused task-based business rules and alerts to advise, educate, allow or prevent user print activity and behavior.

Policy messaging can easily be customized by changing parameters such as targeted communities, cost thresholds, applications permissions etc., through a structured-wizard. 

  • Implement the most efficient printing practices
  • Direct print to the most efficient and cost-effective device
  • Inform users of the cost of every print job
  • Reduce print expenses
  • Provide users with print security notifications 
  • Inform the print user/groups on best environmental practices and initiatives
  • Daily, weekly and monthly reporting by user on print policy goals attainment

Policy messaging can easily be customized by changing parameters such as targeted communities, cost thresholds, applications permissions etc., through a structured-wizard. 


Awareness Drives Change and Expense Reduction

printelligence software


Comprehensive Reporting / Summary Dashboards

Printelligence™ provides a comprehensive selection of over 500 report combinations to understand user print activity, copy/ print device utilization, print cost, application usage, meter usage and ink/toner coverage, computer and print server usage and administrative summary and trend analysis.

Reports can be customized by data criteria, day-date parameters and scheduled to be sent automatically weekly, monthly or quarterly to any authorized recipients by email.

Reports can be generated in excel or PDF format to be quickly integrated into proposals and reviews.

Data is also displayed online in easy-to-read and understand dashboards for quick alerting and analysis.


 “Ink on paper can be a costly liability if the printed document is not properly tracked, secured or prevented”

Printelligence™ software data capture includes analytics to understand the who, the what, the when, the where, the how and the why of print security behavior and print policy enforcement.  When users know that you know who prints what and from what application and to what device, behaviors that lead to business security risk are dramatically reduced.

Printelligence™ software provides the document security features to monitor after hours printing and resigned employee print activity, sensitive document barcoding, secure mobile print and monitor endpoint activity monitoring.

  • Who is Printing?….  Internal user? Remote user? Resigned Employee? Authorized?
  • What is being Printed?…. Application? Document Type?
  • When was the document Printed?…. Date? Time? Afterhours?
  • Where was the document Printed?….Local? Network? Device Name? Location?
  • How was the document Printed?….Quantity? Finished? Color? B/W?
  • Was the document bar coded for chain of custody?

Secure Mobile Print

Traditionally users print their documents by choosing a printer. This works well when there are only a couple printers and they are nearby – but it’s much more complicated in today’s enterprise with hundreds of printers on the network.

Printelligence™ Secure Print Mobile allows your users to have a single virtual printer installed on their desktop. After printing they can walk up to any printer in the enterprise and release/receive their print job.

There are no drivers to manage and no printer names or IP addresses to remember. Security is improved because the job does not print until the user is physically present to pick it up.

Secure Print Mobile also comes with a suite of mobile and web applications that allow you to keep your printed documents online so that you can organize, share, and use them without ever consuming paper.


End Point Activity Management and Reporting

Printelligence™ provides dashboards and detailed reporting for managing and analyzing the computer network end point environment.

Computer data includes dashboards and detailed reporting that includes version software, available disk space and user information and activity.

Print Server data includes dashboards and detailed reporting for managing print server activity and details including jobs, user print activity, total page by b/w and color and server software version.


CONTROL device end-user print costs and implement document security 

Printelligence™ is a cloud-based software solution that provides operations and IT managers comprehensive analytics for implementing visibility, controlling of print expenses and implementing document security compliance for enterprise multi-endpoint environments.  Data Capture includes print queues, chain-of-custody level document security, print-on-demand and detailed user document activity and print device cost reduction.

Printelligence™ features provide enterprise-wide print and user analytics with optimization technology. Printelligence™ does NOT replace but works independently or in partnership with Managed Print Services providers.

A Comprehensive Approach to Controlling Printing Costs

As print volumes rise and per-user page counts remain remarkably high, corporate managers show ever more interest in print’s financial and environmental impact. Printelligence™ compliments this newfound interest by enabling green initiatives, cost control and cost recovery at the end-user’s desktop.

  • First, you must know what you’re spending, where you’re spending it and what you’re spending it on.
  • Second, you must educate users to better understand alternatives.
  • Third, you must change behavior at the end-user level.
  • And fourth, the organization must learn to better manage the dynamics of print behavior and manage that learning toward continuous – and constantly improving – ROI.

This constant loop of actual customer data and the ability to monitor end user behavior allows you to manage and optimize the fleet.

Cost Control

Business Rules Driven

Printelligence™ measures the true cost of print for every organizational unit (including end-users) on every device and provides deep insight into organizational and individual behavior by measuring the usage of print features and capabilities such as color, duplexing and N-up imposition.

The system turns all this measurement into actionable knowledge through a unique adaptive rules engine that implements the organization’s print management policies at the point of print decision-making – every time an end- user prints a document. If a job “breaks” the rules, the system presents advice and alternatives to the end-user. Unique to Printelligence™ is its ability to adapt its responses to individual behavior over time so that messaging stays fresh and appropriate.

Printelligence™  comprises two main components: desktop Client Advisor and Server. The Client Advisor runs on end-user computers to ensure we capture all print jobs including devices not attached to the network. The Advisor then makes a record of every print job and provides a dialog that advises the user how to print more cost-effectively.


Configuration Options

Silent Monitoring: used to gather statistics for a print study, possibly in advance of purchasing the full Printelligence™ system. In this mode, the Preo V4 Client is invisible to the end-user.

Print Advisor: used to educate end-users on how to optimize their printing resources. Preo augments the standard application print dialog with advice and options driven by client definable business rules that the organization can configure to implement their print policies.

Print Control: used to enforce security, cost-saving or charge-out policies. Control mode is implemented using the same patent pending business-rule mechanism as Advisory mode, but the rules require user compliance.


Installation and Support Requires Minimal IT Time and Resources

Printelligence™ software is a cloud-based solution that requires no additional hardware for installation.  The client application software is deployed in minutes on network environment print servers and/or workstations utilizing Windows MSI resources.   The process is completed requiring minimal IT personnel time and resources.   Data collection and analysis begins immediately upon completion of software download.

Printelligence™ software collects meta-data from all print jobs submitted through Windows print queue at the spooler level.  Meta-data collected includes print job activity, user print activity, print device activity, application usage activity and network end point server/workstation activity.  All data is encrypted and securely transmitted to the host site using SSL (Secure Sockets Layer.

Customer Location

Administration training requires less than 60 minutes.  Print users require little or no training and do not require a login.   New users and print devices are automatically added to the database.

  • Cloud Based – No Hardware Required
  • Two Part Deployment
  1. Preo Analytics hosted secure application server login access setup
  2. Printelligence™ Lite Client Application installation on Print Servers and/or Workstations
  • Minimal Time resources required for implementation

The recommended method is to deploy the application across the organization by creating an administrative install point on a network server and run Setup.  The admin install point consists of a folder containing an MSI file and application file subfolders.

The network environment is not impacted by Printelligence™ implementation

Printelligence™ does not:

  • Deploy a custom print driver
  • Change existing print drivers
  • Change existing print processors or port monitors
  • Alter or redefine print queues
  • Add any additional hardware or software
  • Alter the print structure
  • Impact existing user print processes


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Our mission is to continue to create and develop the most cost effective, easy to implement and support user analytics, print device optimization and security print management technology solutions in the industry.  Whether you are a Managed Print Provider, Managed Services Provider, Document Management Provider, Print Industry Consultant, or Internal Business Organization IT department, we can help you eliminate the complexity of deploying and supporting analytical BI software to achieve your business objectives.

The Printelligence™ software solution has been built on a solid technical foundation over the years incorporating advanced spooler based business intelligence gathering design and technology.  Spooler level data provides more comprehensive data, more actionable reporting tools and more expense reducing results than any software available today for securely managing user behavior and accountability, secure application access, device optimization metrics and end point management.

We are committed to our mission.

What Our Partners Say

“No other software provides a complete 360-degree view of our customers printing environment and can provide a total cost of ownership by fleet of devices or by individual device.”

Bill Adams, NSC Diversified

“Best product on the market. It has all the security built in that clients are looking for as well as the mobile print and Apps. ”

Wade Timmerman, AAA Business Systems

“We did a complete print study and just one one of our departments was able to save over $1000 per month just by routing their prints according to Printelligence’s recommendation.”

John Adams, Washington County Arkansas